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This is a virtual channel of comunication between teachers and students at JVG Phonology Laboratory. Try to consult it periodically, since important information and last minute news will be posted here!!

Lab Jvg is in Facebook now!!!

Lab Jvg is in Facebook now!!!
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Prof. Zablocki absent on Thursday 23/4

Prof. Zablocki will be absent on Thursday 23/4. Classes with Lab III B and Phonetics II B will be suspended

Monday, 20 April 2015

Prof. Laura Zablocki absent tomorrow, Tuesday 21

Due to health reasons, Prof. Laura Zablocki will be absent tomorrow, Tuesday 21. Her Lab 3 classes, morning and afternoon will be cancelled.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Prof. Laura Zablocki Absent tomorrow, Mon 20/4

Prof. Laura Zablocki will be absent tomorrow, Monday 20th. Lab IV lessons will be cancelled. Lab I B will have regular lessons with Ana, the Assistant Teacher.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Coaching Lessons for Phonetics beginning tomorrow

The Coaching Lessons we announced in the previous posts will begin  tomorrow, Thursday April 16th. Check the corresponding tab (or here) for instructions and the first transcription assignment. More transcriptions will be uploaded soon.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Appointment Timetable 2015

Appointment Season 2015 is now officially open!!
Please check the timetable here or on the left hand side bar. As usual, there are posters in the lab as well

Remember that you need your appiontment booklet to make appointments. If you requested one last year or the year before you must bring that one. If you never had one, fill in this form Appointment Booklet requests. If you already had one, but you have lost it, contact an assistant in class. Please,  ONLY REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT BOOKLET WHEN YOU ARE SURE YOU ARE GOING TO START COMING TO APPOINTMENTS and not before
Please, don't forget to go over the sections in this blog dealing with Appointment regulations and How to work in appointments 

NEW!!! Coaching Lessosns for Phonetics I

This year we have devised a new system of coaching lessons for Phonetics I. The idea is to provide students with extra practice for transcriptions and dictations, especially in view of a future final exam. 

  Each class will consist of a self-contained activity (transcription and/or dictation)  with the corresponding discussion of mistakes and rules. No theory topics will be taught, since these are meant to be only practice sessions. 

The intended audience in the first term are those students who still have Phonetics I as a pending subject and need to sit for final exam in May and July/August and also those students who are taking Phonetics II and need to improve on their transcription and/or dictation skills fom the sound (segmental) perspective. Notice, though, that no suprasegmental information (intonation, nucleus) will be covered. 

In the second term, first year students can join in, in view of their own term tests and final exams.

Prof. Francisco Zabala will be in charge of these practice sessions every Thursday from 16:50 to 18:00 as from April 16th. No enrollment will be necessary for the time being. In a few days we will be uploading a calendar of activities (transcriptions) for each meeting so that you can come to the session with the text already transcribed.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Prof. Laura Zablocki absent tomorrow

This is to let you know that Prof. Laura Zablocki will be absent tomorrow for Lab I, 1st B and Lab IV, 4th A.

Welcome, first year students!!

Welcome to JVG and welcome to our Blog!! This blog has been created specifically and exclusively for the use of Lab (and Phonetics) students at JVG. Please refrain from sharing this blog with friends outside our institute.

In the main body of the blog we regularly post news and information that we consider useful to you (such as teachers being absent, or classes suspended, for example). In order to make sure you don't miss anything we post, it is strongly recommended that you subscribe to this blog by entering your name in the corresponding box, here on the left-hand side bar, below the material bank. As soon as you do that you will receive a confirmation mail, where you will have to click on a link to confirm your e-mail and complete your subscription process. Once you do that, you will receive an e-mail every time we post something.

On the left-hand side bar you will find the Material Bank, from where you will be able to download Audacity (read instructions), which is the programme we use to work in the lab, and the audio files and the books most of us use in the lab as well. Check with your teacher exactly what you need to download. You will also find the Appointment Timetable, but that belongs to last year. We will soon post the new, 2015 Appointment Timetable.

At the top you will find a number of tabs that will take you to pages that explain the system of appointments, lending library and special material you might need for phonetics in the future. Please, read particularly carefully the section on "Appointment Regulations" and "How to work in Appointments"

Another channel of communication we have is Facebook. Send us a request, but remember to also send us an inbox at the same time stating what course you are in and the name of your Lab teacher, so that we can check that you are actually a student al JVG, because our facebook account is also restricted only to our students.

You can also contact us at our e-mail address, for general issues connected with Lab or Phonetics:

We hope you will find all this information and material very useful.

Have a great beginning!!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Prof Zabala Absent in the afternoon and evening tomorrow, Oct 23

Prof. Francisco Zabala will be present tomorrow, October 23, during the morning shift, but he will be absent in the afternoon and in the evening shifts.